A professional teeth whitening treatment is an easy and very effective way to lift the overall colour of your teeth. Before your teeth whitening treatment, our dentist will examine your mouth to make sure this treatment is appropriate and to discuss the results that can be reasonably achieved. This consultation will allow us to fully customise your treatment, ensuring it is comfortable and safe. We have a choice of two treatments available as you can choose to whiten in our dental practice, or if you prefer we can provide you with a custom-made take-home whitening kit. Our dental practice uses Zoom whitening as this is highly effective and will not harm your teeth.

Why Choose In Chair Whitening?

With our in-chair whitening, your lips and gums are protected before the whitening gel is painted onto your teeth. It is activated with a special light as this helps the gel to penetrate your tooth enamel more easily, quickly lifting deep-seated stains. The gel is then wiped off your teeth and the process is repeated. By the end of treatment your teeth should look several shades lighter.

Why Choose a Take-Home Whitening Kit?

A take-home whitening kit includes your custom-made whitening trays that will fit exactly over your teeth, ensuring the experience is comfortable. We will provide a gentle whitening gel and full instructions on how to use the trays, as they simply need to be filled and worn for several hours or even overnight. It generally takes two weeks to achieve the full effects of home whitening. One of the nice things about using a home whitening kit is that the trays are reusable and we can prescribe more whitening gel when it’s time to whiten again.