Most people will learn how to brush and floss as children and will faithfully follow these techniques right throughout their lifetime, paying little attention as to how they actually clean their teeth. Over time, this can lead to areas of the mouth being missed out, increasing the risk of dental problems. Good oral hygiene education can help prevent this from occurring.

How Could Oral Hygiene Education Help Me?

When you come to visit us for a check-up and scale and polish, we can assess the efficacy of your oral care routine and identify areas that could possibly use some improvement. It will be easy for us to see if any areas are being missed, and we can work with you to improve your brushing routine, so when you brush your teeth you will know that all tooth surfaces are being thoroughly cleaned.

Can You Show Me How to Floss Properly?

We do offer flossing demonstrations as we often find that patients benefit from being shown how to floss correctly. Using the correct technique can help eliminate many simple mistakes such as using a piece of floss that is too short. If you cannot get on with flossing, we can show you alternative tools to use and which can be equally effective such as soft picks and interdental brushes.