Good home oral care is essential for a child to grow up with healthy teeth and gums, but we do realise that it can be tricky to clean a young child’s mouth. This is where oral hygiene education can help.

Can You Teach Me How to Look After My Child’s Teeth?

When you first bring your child to our dental practice, we can show you how to clean their teeth and how to floss their teeth once they begin to contact each other. We can also offer advice on the best toothbrushes to use and the right kind of toothpaste. Parents need to brush children’s teeth for them until about age 7 and they may need to floss their child’s teeth until about age 10.

Can You Teach My Child How to Look After Their Own Teeth?

Our dental therapist can teach your child the proper way to brush and floss and is specially trained to treat young children. Providing oral hygiene education at this age will hopefully get your child into a good routine of home dental care, especially as we can also explain why it’s so important for their dental health. We try to explain things in a way that is easy for them to understand and which is also enjoyable.