Sport is an excellent way for children to stay fit and healthy and team activities help them to learn about cooperating with others. If your child does participate in sports, we recommend you consider a custom-made sports mouthguard. This will help protect their teeth and jaws against accidental blows. A well-fitting mouthguard could prevent a lifetime of restorative dental bills.

Our Mouthguards Are Made In-House

Our mouthguards are made at our dental practice and each is custom-designed by our dentist so it will be thickened in critical areas for additional protection. We will regularly check the fit of your child’s mouthguard as their teeth and jaws develop and grow, ensuring it continues to offer the very best protection.

Why is a Custom Mouthguard Better than an Over-the-Counter Mouthguard?

Over-the-counter mouthguards are often only a few dollars, but are frequently uncomfortable to wear, offer minimal protection and can sometimes hinder breathing. Even boil-and-bite mouthguards are difficult to fully adapt to teeth so they fit comfortably. A custom-made mouthguard has none of these problems as it will be designed to offer maximum protection to your child’s teeth and jaws and will be comfortable to wear. We use materials that are odour-free and which do not taste of anything.

What Type of Sports Could Put My Child at Risk of Dental Injury?

Contact sports can cause dental injuries, as well as many non-contact sports such as horse-riding, gymnastics and skateboarding. If there is a risk of a knock to the mouth, it is worth talking to us about a custom mouthguard.