What Type of General Dental Treatments Are Available?

Our general dental care treatments include:

  • Regular examinations. These are necessary to check your overall oral health and to detect any small problems before they cause pain or discomfort.

  • Our tooth coloured fillings will help preserve your teeth and we regularly check the condition of existing fillings in case these need renewing.

  • Tooth removal. We make every effort to preserve your natural teeth, but sometimes a tooth may be too badly damaged or infected to be saved

  • Our dentures are custom-designed to provide natural looking and fully functional teeth.

  • Wisdom tooth removal. We do keep a close eye on any wisdom teeth yet to erupt and recommend their removal if there is insufficient space or if these teeth have become impacted.

We also offer treatment for sensitive teeth and are an amalgam free dental practice. Most of the time, general dental care will be all that is required to maintain your smile.