Ideally our natural teeth will last for life but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. We do work hard to preserve your natural teeth and will explore every treatment option available before suggesting you have a tooth removed.

Why Might I Need a Tooth Removed?

Sometimes a tooth may have lost too much of its structure to be successfully restored, or it may have split or cracked right through to the root. In this case it can be better to remove the tooth and to think about ways to replace it. If you have a very bad tooth infection, then its removal may be necessary to clear up the infection. This could be the case if you have an abscess and where the infection could potentially affect your dental or even your general health.

What Is the Procedure for a Tooth Extraction?

We will numb the affected area using local anaesthetic, but if you feel particularly anxious or nervous then we can use nitrous oxide (happy gas) or Penthrox to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. It is really quite quick to remove a tooth and afterwards we may place stitches or will leave the area to heal naturally.

Will I Be Left with an Unsightly Gap?

If the missing tooth is in a highly visible area, we can provide an immediate restoration to fill in the gap while the area heals. There is no need for you to worry about this procedure, as getting rid of a badly infected tooth could help you feel more comfortable and there are several excellent ways it can be replaced.