A diet that benefits dental health could make all the difference in lowering your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Most people are fully aware of the dangers of eating sugar-laden foods, but it has become increasingly difficult to make the best choices. Often foods are marketed as being good for health, but may contain high levels of hidden sugars. It is worth making the effort to read food labels so you can learn to make smarter choices for both your dental health and your general health.



How Could Dietary Advice Help Me?

Our dental team here at Central Maitland Dentistry can analyse your diet and will offer advice on how to make it more tooth friendly. Often, snacking in between meals can be a problem for dental health, even if the foods are seemingly healthy. Granola and cereal bars are a good example of “healthy” foods that may increase your risk of cavities. These foods can contain high amounts of sugar and they also tend to be quite sticky. Any food that sticks to your teeth for a longer period of time will increase the risk of tooth decay. Generally, it’s best to avoid these types of snacks and to stick to more tooth friendly foods including hard cheese and crunchy fruits and vegetables. Improving your diet can often be pretty simple as we certainly won’t expect you to cut out favourite foods completely.