Dentures can be a very effective and non-invasive way to replace missing teeth. Full dentures are used to restore complete arches of teeth, while partial dentures restore one or more missing tooth.

Will My New Denture Look Natural?

Every denture is custom-designed to provide great aesthetic results and we only use top quality denture teeth and lifelike gum coloured acrylic to support these teeth. If you do need a denture, we will take a great deal of care to ensure it provides the correct support for your cheeks and lips so you can be confident in your appearance.

Will My Denture Feel Comfortable?

We go to great lengths to ensure dentures are comfortable to wear and our dentist will spend an extensive amount of time making sure your denture fits correctly.

Will I Be Able to Speak and Eat Normally?

A well-designed denture will help restore your ability to speak and eat normally. If it is your first time wearing a full denture then you will need to practice eating and speaking and we can give you lots of information on how to get used to your new denture.

Can I Have Dentures Immediately After Tooth Extraction?

If you need teeth removed, then we can provide you with a temporary or immediate denture to be worn while your gums heal. This can be particularly useful for people who require full dentures. It is not possible to make a more permanent denture until this healing period has finished because the gums will change shape as they heal but we will not leave you without teeth.