Crowns and bridges can help restore the appearance of your smile while protecting your dental health. We go to a lot of trouble to ensure every crown and bridge provided here at Central Maitland Dentistry will look and feel natural, only using the very highest quality materials so your new teeth will look very lifelike. Each restoration is carefully contoured to provide the correct support for your cheeks and lips, creating a balanced appearance you can be proud of, while ensuring you can bite and chew in comfort.


When Might I Need a Crown?

We suggest using crowns to protect fragile teeth that have become badly damaged as a result of decay or trauma. A crown or cap completely covers up a tooth, right down to the gum line and is a very effective way of restoring strength and appearance. Your tooth will need to be shaped in preparation for the crown, a process that can be completed under local anaesthetic. Shaping the tooth is essential to remove all damaged portions and to make sure there is sufficient room for the crown.

When Might I Need a Dental Bridge?

Bridges are used to replace teeth that are missing completely, and are supported by crowns that will cover up the teeth adjacent to the gap. A dental bridge is fixed permanently in place and can be a very good solution for tooth loss. The teeth to be crowned will be shaped to ensure the crowns don’t feel too bulky or look unnatural. These crowns are attached to the replacement tooth which is called a pontic.