Amalgam is an alloy that has been used in dentistry for decades. It is very hard-wearing and durable, but is not a perfect material and is highly visible in the mouth.

Why Are You an Amalgam-Free Dental Practice?

We are an amalgam-free dental practice as there is simply no need to use amalgam in modern dentistry. Nowadays there are better materials available that are more biomimetic, meaning they will work in harmony with your teeth through closely replicating the way a natural tooth responds to the pressures created during biting and chewing foods.

What Happens if I Need a Filling?

If you need a filling, we can generally use advanced composite resins to mend the tooth. Composite resin is able to form a very strong bond with a tooth and will ensure decay-causing bacteria cannot get into the tooth. For larger areas of decay, we can restore the tooth using a porcelain filling.

What If I Already Have Amalgam Fillings?

If you already have some older amalgam fillings then we can safely remove them when they begin to crumble and fail. If they are bothering you or look unsightly, then we can discuss replacing them sooner. We do follow strict precautions to keep you safe during this procedure when removing amalgam fillings because amalgam does contain mercury.